We aim to bring you relevant voices in the cultural landscape we call Cambridge. With Harvard and MIT and a bevy of institutes around us, we curate interviews that will change the way we look at the world and how we live.  We think there is power in putting the Poet next to the Scientist and the Industrialist next to the Artist and the Philanthropist next to the Techie to capture this moment in time.

We call it The Power of the Weave.

If you are a media company, civic-minded-idea-loving corporation or individual who wants to help us grow, we welcome your collaboration.  Contact: ideas@TheEditorial.com



Founder and Editor

Heidi Legg in Cambridge, MA

Heidi is an American/Canadian writer and journalist. Today she interviews visionaries around her in Boston and Cambridge where she weaves together these big thinkers in their fields, using a singular long-format interview, much like The Paris Review. From here, she gathers these visionaries together for live events to discuss ideas around disruption, new eras, realities and utopias. A cofounder of Borderfree.com, a producer and host of documentaries and television programs on the arts, and an early Internet strategist in both San Francisco and Toronto, Heidi spent 20 years in media. She  is enamored with what makes character. Her debut book, My Evangeline, is on sale at the harvardbookstore.com. Her work has been published in TheAtlantic.com, The Boston Globe, GlobalPost, TheHuffingtonPost, and WGBH News.

Strategic Development

Sharon French

Sharon enjoys generating ideas and making connections between what an entrepreneur can create and what the market is asking us to contribute. She is interested in the intersection of design and commerce, having worked for the international division of Donna Karan/DKNY and in Merchandising for Pottery Barn Catalog/Internet at Williams Sonoma, Inc.  A graduate of Holy Cross with a BA in Classics, she also holds an MA in International Relations from SAIS Johns Hopkins.  This New England native and Cambridge resident has lived in Italy, Japan, and India.


Business Development

Cristina Blau

Cristina is a Trusts and Estates attorney by training, and brings that experience to current projects in the non-profit sector.  She is a Trustee of The Concord Free Public Library, a Corporator at Emerson Hospital, and a longtime Board Member of The Harvard Alumni Association.  She is particularly interested in projects at the intersection of philanthropy, ideas, and thought leadership.  A graduate of Harvard College where she was Arts Editor of The Harvard Crimson, Cristina has a law degree from Georgetown University, and a Masters in Taxation from Boston University.  A native Bostonian, Cristina now resides in Concord Massachusetts.

Social Media and Marketing Strategy

Conrad Warre in Thompsonville, MA

Conrad Warre is a cross-media Design & Marketing Director – originally from London, he has lived and worked in London, Paris, New York, Austin Texas and Boston.  When he is not working during the day, he plays electric guitar on the North-East professional music circuit.

His award-winning design and client list includes Harvard & MIT’s online start up edX.org, MIT’s Technology Review, ZDNet, Ziff Davis Media, Smarter Travel Media, Houghton Mifflin, EMI, Rykodisc and Discover Magazine. 



Susan Lapides in Cambridge, MA


Susan Lapides makes the ordinary, extraordinary. Her photography maintains a unique consistency of intimacy and spontaneity. In 1991, Susan photographed President Barack Obama, when he was the editor of the Law Review at Harvard. Her work has appeared in LifePeopleConde Nast TravelerThe Trust for Public LandSmithsonianYankee Magazine. She has awards from the American Association of Media Photographers and Studio Magazine. A graduate of Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.


David Cripton, Brooklyn, NY

David Cripton has been making and editing films and television for 20 years. Heidi first interviewed Dave in 1994, about his documentary about bike theft in Montreal. It's a classic. They also grew up together in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada and Dave has been a storyteller from the start with a penchant for the underground and tragically hip. After leaving McGill and handing Heidi the keys to his empty frat apartment, he headed to the Vancouver Film School and then followed a girl to NYC, his wife, who went to Pratt. David first made short independent films that led to a career as a television editor. We love that he is creating these visionary interviews for us.


Jaime Kaiser in Newton, MA

Young Blood Series 

Jaime is an English major and senior in journalism at Brandeis University. She came to us this past Fall to start thinking about what a youth series would look like.  Who would we cover? Why is her generation often called apathetic? What fears do they have or not have? She has set out to discover the thinkers and doers of her youthful generation. 



Eric Levin in Boston and NYC


Artist and Entrepreneur, Eric Levin grew his photography business from modest beginnings, gaining recognition by peddling his artistic works off the street. Fast forward about a decade, Eric's talents earned him features in national publications, celebrity photo sessions, a host of global clientele and even an Emmy Award in 2013 for his work in front of the camera.  Now operating with studios in NYC and Boston, Eric's "Elevin Studios" is a hive of photo and filmmaking activity and an incubator for young talent.  Eric hopes to inspire could-be artists, lecturing on "Entrepreneurship in the Arts," most recently for SONY and the World Photography Organization in Sao Paulo and and London.  Eric studied at Clark University and L'Université de Paris-Sorbonne and enjoys travel, adventure, and astrophysics.


Kira Hower in Cambridge, MA

Kira Hower wears many hats. She is an Executive and Life Coach for women, the Boston Coordinator for Doing Good Together (promoting family-friendly volunteer opportunities) and she holds her Brown Belt in the Nia technique – a mind/body/spirit movement form that she has taught for nearly a decade. Photography has been a lifelong passion. Her dad taught her to photograph (and see) nature at it's most microscopic when she was three year of age on camping trips. She studied photography in school and beyond and led photography trips when she lived in Italy.


Alan Savenor in Cambridge, MA

As Photo Editor of the Daily Nexus at UC Santa Barbara, later as publisher of a weekly newspaper there, and as a stringer for the LA Times, Alan was on the front lines of the unrest of the sixties in California. Now, ironically running his own real estate investment company, he is happily going back to his photography roots to help theeditorial.com spread the word about the exciting thinkers and doers creating a new world in our time. 


mike ski lift.jpg


Typing Tigers in Brooklyn, NY

Hailing from St. Louis Missouri, Mike Trupiano is our resident audio/video transcriber. After doing time in NYC as a comedian and improv actor, Mike is now teaching English and doing translation in Berlin. His German is slowly improving. typingtigers.com




Copy Editor

Hannah Risser-Sperry in Portland, Oregon

Originally from western Massachusetts, Hannah lives in Portland, Oregon after stints in Boston and Paris, France. A writer, editor, and general lady about town, she works as a social media creative at NORTH (north.com). In her spare time, she hikes, takes photos, buys vintage clothes, and swims with her dog, Barley.




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