Unpacking & Understanding the 2016 Conventions: from Cleveland to Philadelphia

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Our Picks for Republican Ideas 2016

The Republican National Convention was in full swing. We listened to a surprising new voice, Donald Trump Jr., and we finally heard some actual policy plans and ideas around traditional Republican ideology. Some found the speeches incredibly divisive and full of fear mongering. Others heard a rallying cry. This week we culled three of our interviews that speak most to the spirit of traditional Republican policy.


Our Picks for Democrat Ideas 2016

We are watching history in the making when Hillary Clinton becomes the first female Presidential nominee by a major political party in America with the possibility of a female President sitting in the Oval Office 100 years after the ramification of the 19th amendment, that gave women the right to vote. At TheEditorial, 35 of our 85 interviews to date have been with women visionaries – powerful ones. Take a read.