#2 Knitting StartUp: Handmade by M - Monika Ramizi

Portrait by J.DiStazio

Portrait by J.DiStazio

Monika Ramizi - Style and Fashion Entrepreneur 

What are you creating? 

A unique line of knitwear designs that are inspired by my childhood memories growing up with my grandmothers. 

How do you want to change the world?

With my passion for knitting, I'm trying to bring an element of old traditions from my family and my community to modern life. In this high tech era, it's important to find a balance with something like this. It's important to keep tradition alive in these times of high speed everything. 


Portrait by J.DiStazio

Portrait by J.DiStazio

What makes you think you are onto something?

The reactions that I get from people that have seen or own a piece of this collection. I think there is a strong desire for handmade goods in the market right now. 

How do you push through when things get tough?

I'm organized and efficient by nature, and a little bit of control freak, so I don't allow things to get out of hand. And when I don't have control of a situation, I let things play the course. Always keep your main goal in mind and work hard for it. That seems to work when waters are rough. 

Portrait by J.DiStazio

Portrait by J.DiStazio

What quality do you most like in an investor?

Honesty and hard work 

What quality do you dislike in an investor?

Not being able to communicate 

What talent would you like to have? 

I wish I could sing! 

If your start up were a movie, which would it be?

It would have to be The Wizard of Oz. It is all about determination with a focus on courage, ups and downs, and keeping an eye on your goal. Lively, pretty, magical and success at the end.