#4 Robotics StartUp: Myomo's Steve Kelly

Steve kelly.jpg

Our LIVE interview Steve Kelly is President and COO of Myomo Inc. is Thursday, December 18th at 6pm @VentureCafe.

Myomo's  mission is to improve mobility and restore independence for individuals who suffer from debilitating muscle weakness due to conditions such as stroke and other neuro-muscular conditions. 

What are you creating?

The opportunity for people with paralyzed arms to pull up their pants and get on with their lives

How do you want to change the world?

We want to restore the ability for people to move their arms again.

What makes you think you’re onto something?

The hand and arm are an extension of the brain in so much of what we do in life, we aim to restore that connection.

How do you push through when things get tough?

A judicious mix of running, swimming, red wine, and sound advice from people who care

What quality do you most like in an investor?

Pattern matching.  Investors have the macro view, entrepreneurs have the micro.  Investors can look across a wide swath of market segments and connect dots.

What quality do you most despise in an investor?

Arrogance.  The price paid of arrogance is blindness.

What is your idea of happiness?

Working with smart people (with a sense of humor) to make a difference

If your start up were a movie which would it be?

The Memphis Belle