Ross McElwee #8

Ross McElwee

Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness

Photographic Memory







Interview by Heidi Legg

Ross McElwee, American filmmaker and Harvard Professor who teaches documentary filmmaking at the Carpenter Center directs his new film Photographic Memory with Producer Marie-Emmanuelle Hartness. He has made nine feature-length documentaries as well as many short films.

This week we collaborate with Filmmaker Elizabeth Gardner and Cinematographer Bob Nesson to create a Three-Act Interview: Meet The Collaborator, The Filmmaker and The Protagonist. 

McElwee is known for his intimate and personal documentaries and won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 1987 for Sherman's March.

We had a surprise cameo with Ross' son, Adrian McElwee, who Ross follows in the film as he tries to appreciate and understand Adrian's modern day coming of age.